Finally.......a Proper Introduction!!

After three and a half years I feel as though I finally have had some time to figure out what worked and what I could do better for our community. I finally am using my down time to put thought and meaning into a website. A website that will spread information to our community about events and fundraisers but also the hope is to bring awareness to other groups in our community who are doing great work.

This is my first blog and it won't be the last, as I have always been someone to enjoy writing and always wanted to have my own blog, so here it is. This blog will not be very long as I want to make sure to capture the community and not bore you:)

For those who know me I hope that you learn a bit more about me over the next few weeks and months, and for those who don't know me, welcome.

I think in town I hear a lot of "oh you're Heather Smith", and if you asked my daughters they would say that they hear quite a bit "oh I know your mom".

A bit about me and why I started the Hopkinton Community Partnership~I am a native New Yorker, no not "THE" New York, but a proud Buffalonian, who wishes to see far more Buffalo Bills games than I do. I was born and raised in Buffalo, and what many think is that all Buffalo has are great chicken wings and snow, am I right? If you ever get a chance to go to Buffalo I highly suggest it, as Lake Erie is absolutely beautiful and summers are the best. As for the wings, you really will never find anything better than Duffs or The Anchor Bar!

I graduated ( not going to reveal the year) from Utica College of Syracuse University, at that time it was a private college, I liken it to being the sister college of the big SU. I studied Psychology and have a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and found my soulmate. I met my husband, Brian, who is from Massachusetts, and we were together living our best college life for four years! After graduation, I went back home and he came back home to Massachusetts to attend graduate school. About three months after being home from college I packed up uhaul, grabbed my friend and we came to Boston. No job, No apartment, No plan. I will admit coming to Boston wasn't too daunting as my brother lived her, but still, did I mention, no job, no place to live, no plan? Carefree and living our best life.

Stay tuned for the rest of my journey on why the HCP came to life in June of 2019!

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